EXITUS - Terminal

by Unrest Productions

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1. a : of or relating to an end, extremity, boundary, or terminus <a terminal pillar>

b : growing at the end of a branch or stem <a terminal bud>

2. a : of, relating to, or occurring in a term or each term <terminal payments>

b (1) : leading ultimately to death : fatal <terminal cancer> (2) : approaching or close to death : being in the final stages of a fatal disease <a terminal patient> (3) : of or relating to patients with a terminal illness <terminal care>

c : extremely or hopelessly severe <terminal boredom>

3. a : occurring at or constituting the end of a period or series : concluding <the terminal moments of life>

b : not intended as preparation for further academic work <a terminal curriculum>


released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Unrest Productions Northern, Zambia

UK industrial label founded in 2006

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